Understanding Home Safety Modifications

At Home Safe Home, we offer not only home safety assessments to enhance your independence and quality of life, but we make home safety modifications for seniors in Baltimore, MD. 

We only make the modifications agreed to after discussing the findings of our full safety assessment. Experienced, licensed contractors who use industry-best home safety equipment and products complete all modifications, renovations, and remodels.

Our home safety modifications are designed to:

  • Improve your independence within the home
  • Offer peace of mind
  • Increase your quality of life
  • Improve the accessibility of all areas in your home
  • Reduce your fall risk

In order to achieve those goals, we offer a wide range of possible home safety modifications. These may include:

white shower three grab bars modification

Bathroom Modification

Using grab bars and rails, we help create a safer, more secure bathroom.
fully safety modified 'living in place' bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

We can offer additional options, such as tub and shower replacements and other modifications, as well as full bathroom remodeling.
straight interior stair chair lifts

Stair & Chair

Mobility within your home should never be an issue. Avoid falls on steps and achieve relief for painful joints. Safely and confidently navigate multiple levels and stay in the home you love with a custom stair chair lift to meet your needs.

Wheelchair Ramp

Experience safe and reliable access to your home, whether it’s on a permanent basis or for temporary accessibility difficulties. We’ll help you select the wheelchair ramp best suited for your home with one of our three wheelchair ramp solutions: Modular Aluminum, Custom Wood/ Composite, and/or Threshold ramps.
Outdoor steps railings

Porch & Stairs

While the interior of your home might be where you spend most of your time, the exterior can also harbor threats. We can offer a range of home safety modifications for older adults, including railings for porches and stairs. We make custom wrought iron railings in a wide range of styles and colors to add safety and beauty to the outside of your home.
In-Home staircase railing


Stairs constitute a significant threat to your safety, but we can offer a range of modifications to help reduce that threat, including adding iron or wood railings to match and accentuate your home’s design

The Installation of
Durable Medical Equipment

While home safety modifications for older adults are often vital, you may also benefit from the installation of durable medical equipment (DMEs). This can include things like shower chairs, elevated toilet seats, and other equipment that enhances mobility and stability to improve security.

durable medical equipment installed in bathroom

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