Home Safety Modification

Understanding Home Safety Modifications

At Home Safe Home, we offer not only home safety assessments to enhance your independence and quality of life, but we make home safety modifications for seniors in Baltimore, MD. We only make the modifications agreed to after discussing the findings of our full safety assessment. Experienced, licensed contractors who use industry-best home safety equipment and products complete all modifications, renovations, and remodels.

Our home safety modifications are designed to:

Vacuum and mop all floors

Make beds

Clean mirror and fixtures

In Order to Achieve those Goals, We Offer a Wide Range of Possible
Home Safety Modifications. These May Include:

Bathroom Modifications

Bathroom Remodeling

Stair and Chair Lift

Wheelchair Ramp

Porch & Stairs


Why Choose Us?

Quality Workmanship

Superior Customer Service

Setting Industry Safety Standards

The Installation of Durable Medical Equipment

While home safety modifications for older adults are often vital, you may also benefit from the installation of durable medical equipment (DMEs). This can include things like shower chairs, elevated toilet seats, and other equipment that enhances mobility and stability to improve security.

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