About Home Safe Home

At Home Safe Home, we are committed to being your trusted ‘aging in place’ specialists. Whether you are an older adult, or you have an aging loved one who wants to remain independent in their home, we can help. Have you or a loved one experienced a fall or a recent illness? Our expertise and experience help improve the accessibility of the home, ensuring independence and the highest quality of life possible. We are committed to ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Our Team

The Home Safe Home team is second to none. We are local and family owned. A licensed physical therapist with over 15 years of experience in home care settings performs all home evaluations, and then our team of project managers and customer service specialists work with you to complete all needed modifications and ensure your complete satisfaction. We work exclusively with licensed professionals to complete all modifications.


Yankie Goldsmith

A licensed physical therapist with over 15 years of experience within the home care industry, Yankie saw a need among his clients for home safety modifications. Offering unparalleled expertise with fall prevention, identifying safety hazards, and formulating customized solutions to help older adults stay safe, reduce their risk for falls, and enjoy their home for as long as they can.


Dena Goldsmith

Dena is a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) and has a passion for helping people, both through her various volunteer endeavors and through helping her clients. Offering years of experience in handling and managing remodeling projects, Dena brings her in-depth knowledge of the construction industry to bear in assisting older adults achieve the security and independent living they deserve.

Combining their unique talents, Yankie and Dena form the core of Home Safe Home, offering an uncompromising dedication to quality, peace of mind and independent living for older adults in and around Baltimore, MD.

Our Difference

At Home Safe Home, we are proud to be different. We employ licensed physical and occupational therapists to conduct all home safety assessments, and then provide recommendations on equipment and solutions needed to enhance the home’s accessibility and your level of independence.

Once you’ve decided on the path forward, we then go to work installing the equipment and completing the needed modifications.

Most companies may offer one service or the other, but it is rare to discover a firm that can offer both. Additionally, many modifications are simply too small for larger Baltimore, MD, contractors, and while handymen may be capable, they lack the knowledge necessary to choose the best accessibility equipment.

Home Safe Home offers it all – experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Our Process

The Home Safe Home process is unique, simple and streamlined.

Simply contact us for a home safety assessment, and we will set an appointment for a licensed therapist to visit your home.

Based on this assessment, we will make recommendations about changes and modifications for your individual needs, such as installing bathroom grab bars, railings on interior and exterior stairs, and more.

Already have recommendations from your therapist or know what you need? Then we can take care of it quickly.

In most cases, we can complete all the work required within just a few days of your initial call, and frequently even within the next day.

Ready to take the next step? Each day you go without vital home safety modifications, your risk increases.

Contact us today at 410-394-8955 or use our contact form to schedule a home safety assessment.

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