Wheelchair Ramp Installation

Access Your Home Safely and Confidently

Your home should be your haven—which is why Home Safe Home is committed to providing safe and secure wheelchair ramp installations for older adults in the Baltimore, MD, area. At Home Safe Home we are here for you—ready to help you or your loved one safely and confidently stay at home longer, regardless of mobility issues or access challenges. Wheelchair ramp installation can be the solution you need to experience safe and reliable access to your home, whether it’s on a permanent basis or for temporary accessibility difficulties such as an injury or when recovering from surgery.

Wheelchair Ramp Installation Options to Fit Your Needs

Discover the handicapped access ramp best suited for your home with Home Safe Home’s three wheelchair ramp solutions:

Aluminum Modular Wheelchair Ramps

If your goal is an extremely durable ramp that can be installed quickly, an aluminum modular wheelchair ramp could be the right choice for you.

Modular wheelchair ramps are easily assembled or disassembled to adjust to your changing needs, and can be configured to address the challenges present with any type of entryway.

With this option, you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with a temporary ramp, without compromising the strength and durability of a permanent ramp.

Modular wheelchair ramps are adjustable, slip-resistant, and can withstand a high capacity—up to 100 pounds per square foot.

Custom Wooden and Composite Wheelchair Ramps

Our team can create attractive custom-built ramps from wood, composite, or a combination of both materials to match an existing home or structure.

While our ramps constructed from composite materials are available in a variety of colors, our pressure-treated wooden ramps can be stained or painted a few months after installation.

Achieve a natural appearance with your wooden/composite wheelchair ramp by selecting a look that complements your home—from your front porch to your back deck.

Threshold Ramps

In all homes, access challenges are present at almost every turn for wheelchair users.

Home Safe Home offers temporary aluminum or rubber threshold ramps—a great solution for smoothly transitioning over a small step around your house or a lip in a doorway.

Our heavy-duty threshold ramps provide an extra layer of safety as you maneuver around, in, and out of your home.

Professional Wheelchair Ramp Construction and Installation

We know how critical properly-installed, reliable wheelchair ramps are for you and your loved ones, which is why we have only professionally licensed installers at Home Safe Home.

When you choose Home Safe Home, you will experience the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing our trusted team are taking exceptional care of your wheelchair ramp construction from start to finish, and in full compliance with ADA standards.

Let Us Help You

Home Safe Home is here to guide you through the process of determining which handicapped access ramp meets your needs. Let our experienced team help you or your loved one feel safer and more confident at home.

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