Durable Medical Equipment

At Home Safe Home, we take a lot of pride in our recommendations for remodeling and home safety modifications. However, we understand that there are times that you might need additional tools and products to ensure your health and safety. We can offer professional guidance and recommendations to choose high-quality durable medical equipment (DMEs) for use in your home.

Some of the durable medical equipment we most frequently recommend based on our home safety assessments in Baltimore, MD, includes the following:

Durable Medical Equipment - Bath Stool

Bath Stools

These are compact and small enough to fit in the average bathtub or shower with no modifications necessary.
Durable Medical Equipment - Shower Chair

Tub Transfer Benches

Transfer benches make it easier for those with limited mobility to get into and out of the bathtub. The user sits on the bench from the outside and gradually slides to the inside of the tub.
Durable Medical Equipment - Shower/Tub Chair

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are larger than stools, and offer back and arm support for those who require it.
Durable Medical Equipment - clamp-on rail

Clamp-on Tub Rails

These are clamp-on rails that attach to the side of a tub to help ensure stability and prevent falls when stepping in and out of the tub.
Durable Medical Equipment - Raised Toilet Seat

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats with or without arms are ideal for those with limited mobility and make getting on and off the toilet much easier and safer.
Durable Medical Equipment - Bed Rails

Bed Rails

Bed rails are ideal solutions to help get in and out of bed safely.
Durable Medical Equipment - Hand-Held Shower Head

Handheld Shower Head

Flexible hose allows one to wash hard to reach places without having to maneuver around in the shower and reduces risk of falls.

These are just a few examples of the DMEs we can recommend based on our expert home safety assessment. 

Not only do we recommend and sell these products to you, but we are also proud to offer delivery and installation as well, which is not something all ‘aging in place’ specialists offer. 

We work with you at every step along the way to ensure that you enjoy the safety, protection and peace of mind you need.

Our goal is to help provide accessibility and independence for older adults throughout the Baltimore, MD, area; our ability to make accurate product recommendations combined with professional installation is just one way we work toward that goal.

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