Home Safety Assessments

An Overview of Our Process

How safe is your home? What hidden hazards are within your home, that might endanger your safety or limit your ability to live independently? It can be incredibly difficult to identify not just those hidden challenges, but the right solution to those challenges.

At Home Safe Home, we have years of experience working with seniors (and caregivers) just like you to effectively reduce falls and injury.

We offer a professional home safety assessment for older adults in Baltimore, MD, with the goal of delivering a customized solution that will allow you to ‘age in place’ and maintain your independence.

Why Are Home Safety Assessments for
Seniors Necessary?

As we age, our bodies change. We lose strength and stamina. Lose agility and flexibility. We lose balance and stability. These changes occur slowly, over time, which can make it difficult to truly assess your safety on your own.

At Home Safe Home, we take a compassionate, proactive stance and deliver professional, industry-best recommendations that help make all areas of your home more accessible and open, enhancing your independence and safety.

Our Evaluations

At Home Safe Home, we offer a home safety assessment for older adults that identifies all potential threats and addresses those issues through the use of specialized equipment, professional solutions, and the ideal products.

A typical home safety evaluation for elderly Baltimore, MD, residents covers a wide range of areas, including:

After the completion of the assessment and the discussion with you, Home Safe Home then goes to work performing the home safety modifications needed. We are capable of completing all the modifications needed within just a few days of your initial call.

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