Grab Bars

Improving Senior Safety

At Home Safe Home, we offer an expert eye to improve the safety of seniors in Baltimore, MD, ensuring they are able to ‘age in place’ and enjoy both security and independence.
Alarming fact: 80% of elderly falls occur in the bathroom!
As the result of an in-depth home safety assessment, we may recommend the addition of important home safety equipment, including grab bars in your bathroom. We customize the size and placement of each grab bar to suit your specific needs and situation.
With prompt, professional installation, this equipment can deliver safety and independence in your bathroom and shower.

The Role of Grab Bars

You’ll find grab bars available in a range of materials, sizes and intended uses. Bathroom grab bars and shower grab bars are probably the most familiar. These bars can be long or short, and can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or diagonally within or beside a shower or bath. In all cases, they work similarly:

Grab bars are available in a number of different finishes and construction materials to help match the aesthetics of your bathroom or other installation area. However, perhaps the most common (and best suited material for bathroom use) is stainless steel.
Grab bars made of stainless steel are durable and very strong, capable of supporting your full body weight when properly installed.

Professional Installation

At Home Safe Home, we understand how important it is that personal accessibility aids like grab bars are up to the challenge of improving the quality of life older adults in Baltimore, MD. As professional installers, we ensure that your grab bars are properly installed and stable.

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