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Baltimore Stair Lifts Help Access Your Home Safely and Confidently

Are you in the market for a Baltimore MD stair lift company? Home Safe Home provides quality and discounted stairlifts services. If you are in need of stairlift, it may be because someone in your home is unable to walk safely, up the stairs, inside the home.

Our Stair Lifts assist those with difficulty climbing stairs. Areas of your home or business that were previously inaccessible are now easily obtained with the addition of a stairlift. For businesses, homes, or community centers that may need a lift for people in wheelchairs, stairlifts that are highly customizable to fit almost any need that you may require. With our Maryland stair lift installations, we can make everything quick, affordable, and efficient. We install in cities like Baltimore, Owings Mills, and Towson just to name a few. Call the best stair lift company in Maryland today to reserve your appointment.

With a stair chair lift installation, Home Safe Home helps older adults in the Maryland area safely and confidently navigate multiple levels and stay in the homes they love. Among the many benefits of a Home Safe Home stairlift includes the prevention of falls on steps and relief for painful joints.

We know this is a difficult time. We are here for you. The experienced Home Safe Home team personally provides quick, reliable service. If mobility within a multi-level home is challenging for you or your loved ones, we are here to offer guidance and advice as you select the perfect stair chair lift to meet your needs.

Straight Stair lifts

Straight stair chair lifts are installed on basic vertical staircases, and their quick installation allows for minimal disruption to your home and family.

Enjoy the following features with a Home Safe Home straight stair lift:

Curved Stair chair lifts

Home Safe Home constructs custom-built curved stair lifts for staircases with bends or landings—a perfect fit for your unique staircase.

Enjoy the following features with a Home Safe Home curved stair lift:

Outdoor Stair lifts

Confidently spend time in your outdoor areas and ensure safe access exiting and entering your home with the installation of an outdoor stairlift—available in both straight and curved versions. A Home Safe Home outdoor stair lift is a great option when there’s limited space for a wheelchair ramp or in the interest of preserving aesthetics.

Enjoy the following features with a Home Safe Home outdoor stairlift:

Vertical Platform Lift

Home Safe Home offers residential vertical platform lifts allowing for independent travel to elevated areas like porches or decks. Vertical platform lifts work like an elevator—smoothly carrying you and your mobility device.

Enjoy the following features with a Home Safe Home vertical lift:

Professional StairLift Installation in the Baltimore Maryland Area

Home Safe Home understands how critical properly-installed, reliable baltimore stair lifts and vertical platform lifts are to you and your loved ones in the Maryland Area. When you choose Home Safe Home, you will experience peace-of-mind knowing our professionally licensed installers take exceptional care of your stairlift or platform lift construction from start to finish.

Stay at Home with Home Safe Home

Let our experienced and comprehensive team help you or your loved ones stay safe and confident at home. Many times, long-term care insurance will cover the cost of a stairlift. Inquire with us at Home Safe Home so we can help determine if you might be eligible.

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